Transportation Conversations with the Chair

Transportation Conversations with the Chair of Infrastructure, Renewal and Public Works Starting January 21, 2016, Janice Lukes will be hosting a series of six ‘Transportation Conversations with the Chair’ at 12:00 noon, on the third Thursday of the month! From January to June, these casual conversations over lunch will focus on relevant transportation themes and topics. I will be at the centre food court at The Forks and welcome anyone who is interested in talking transportation. EVERYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND! LOCATION:         The Forks, Centre Food Court TIME:                    12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m (bring your own lunch) DATES:                  Third Thursday of the month as follows: Jan 21st - Winter Maintenance of Active Transportation Infrastructure Feb 18th - Transit & Rapid Transit Mar 17th - Roads in 2016 Budget Apr 21st - Active Transportation Infrastructure in 2016 Budget May 19th - Pedestrian and Cycling Strategies Moving Forward Jun 16th - City of Winnipeg Transportation Master Plan 5 yr Update


I'm excited to report my December 2015 Newsletter is heading to your mailboxes! Please click on the words to see the copy! This marks my first year and I’m so grateful that you’ve invited me into this position and into your lives. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with you all again in 2016. Wishing you Happy Holidays and an Excellent 2016!  

City of Winnipeg invites feedback on budget priorities and preferences

City of Winnipeg invites feedback on budget priorities and preferences Winnipeg, MB – The City of Winnipeg will once again be conducting budget consultations to help shape the direction of the 2016 City Budget. “I encourage all Winnipegger’s to take this opportunity to provide feedback on their priorities and preferences for this year’s budget,” said Mayor Brian Bowman.  “The feedback provided through this process will help guide the preparation of this year’s budget, and will also provide insights into how to strengthen budget consultations moving forward.” This year’s consultation process will focus on understanding Winnipeggers priorities and preferences as they relate to City of Winnipeg spending. This process was designed to be a first step in a new way of working together with the public, and will also gather input and feedback on how to build and enhance future budget consultation processes. The project will commence today Monday, November 30 and end Friday, December 18. There will be multiple opportunities to participate including online at  Through various online tools, the public will be able to examine areas where the City of Winnipeg currently spends taxpayer dollars, and then provide feedback on their priorities and preferences.  Additionally, electronic kiosks will be available in public facilities to allow those without access to a computer to participate, and Let’s Talk team members will be visiting locations around Winnipeg to solicit feedback in person. The consultation process is being managed by Dialogue Partners. Feedback gathered through the consultation process will be shared with all members of City Council and the public to help direct and guide the development of this year’s budget. To view opportunities to get involved, and to receive regular updates and information on the consultation process, please visit  

Thank you to Daniel Mclntyre

Thank you to all the residents of Daniel Mac. I am honoured to represent you at city hall. I ran for council because I believed that we could do politics differently and I look forward to working with all councillors, our new mayor and representatives from various levels of government, and you, to do just that. A huge thank you goes out to my supporters, my campaign team, my volunteers and my family. No candidate can run for office without those that believe in us and I am truly grateful that you believed in me. I especially want to thank my daughters Hayley and Kayla. Their love and support makes everything I do possible. I look forward to working with, and hearing from, all of you as I move into my new role as City Councillor for Daniel McIntyre. Cindy