Be Aware. Park with care.

Starting this week, the Winnipeg Parking Authority is running a month-long educational campaign to help Winnipegger’s “Be Aware and Park with Care.” The goal of the campaign is to improve safety for children, parents, staff, and neighbours around our community schools and to make sure that emergency services vehicles have access to fire lanes and other designated areas in the case of an emergency.  It also important that we respect our handicap spaces and make sure they are available to those that need the space. We want this message to get out to the public so we can all enjoy safer and happier communities.

As of May 1st, people not obeying the law by parking illegally around schools, in fire lanes or in designated parking spaces will be ticketed. The Winnipeg Parking Authority has the ability to capture illegal parking on camera and will be mailing tickets out. We are hoping that this month-long campaign will help send the message to people to be aware and park with care so you do not get ticketed as of May 1st.

As someone who lives on a school street, I see the impact this issue has on the schools everyday. I have seen principals and teachers outside trying to manage traffic and the related safety issues around their schools. As a former chair of my parent council and a former school board member, I know that this has been an ongoing issue across our communities.

Whether in front of a school, at the mall, at the grocery store, or at our local community centre, we have all seen someone parked in a fire lane or in a handicap parking space when they do not have the pass.  The reality is that emergency vehicles need to have immediate, clear access, and every second counts. Even if you are sitting in your car waiting for someone, you are violating the law and could be ticketed. Please Be Aware. Park with care.

Hot off the press! Spring 2017 Newsletter now being delivered

My Spring 2017 newsletter is now being delivered throughout the Daniel McIntyre community. I am so proud to share updates on all of our work together over the last year, and of the many improvements being made throughout our neighbourhoods. Please click on the images below to zoom in and read more.

Interested in food security? Apply now to join the Winnipeg Food Council!

A Spence community garden. Photo courtesy of Spence Neighbourhood Association.

For Immediate Release Monday, April 3, 2017 City accepting applications for Winnipeg Food Council membership Winnipeg, MB – Residents are invited to submit their applications for membership in the newly-minted Winnipeg Food Council. “The issues of local food production and distribution are important for our health,” said Councillor Brian Mayes, Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Downtown Development, Heritage and Riverbank Management. “I look forward to receiving recommendations from this new committee.” On February 22, 2017, Council voted unanimously to create a food council, which will serve to:
  • Advise the Mayor and Council on food system related issues;
  • Support the work of the community on food issues, enhance public health and local food security, and increase food literacy and access to food by encouraging multi-sector and strategic approaches, fostering coordination and networking, and supporting ongoing consultation; and
  • Initiate the development of and support the implementation, maintenance and evaluation of a City of Winnipeg Agricultural and Food Strategy to address municipal food security and food system issues. The City of Winnipeg Agricultural and Food Strategy will:
    • include policy directions identified through community engagement , focused research, innovative initiatives, and other actions to identify proven practices;
    • include evaluation and implementation components; and
    • be operationalized in partnership with the Winnipeg Public Service, the local food movement, businesses, community agencies, stakeholder groups, and private citizens.
The Winnipeg Food Council membership application can be found here:<> The application submission deadline is Friday, April 21, 2017.  

Empress Street Reconstruction Open House Wednesday April 5th 4-7 p.m. at Polo Park Mall (Centre Court)

Construction is expected to start later this year to renew Empress Street. Street renewal and rehabilitation will also include: streamlining traffic flow, creating new, and improving existing, cycling and pedestrian facilities, improving accessibility for walking and cycling, and stabilizing river and creek embankments. If you are unable to attend the open house to discuss the project plans, you can view the open house boards and complete the online survey here:

Valour Community Centre – Orioles Site Frontage Redevelopment Public Consultation

Community members at the Valour Community Centre - Orioles site redevelopment consultation

If you missed the Open House last week regarding the Orioles frontage redevelopment, you still have an opportunity to share your thoughts and review the Open House boards with redevelopment ideas online! Visit: before April 4th to fill out the online survey. Under the Parks and Recreation Enhancement Program, the club is currently redeveloping a paved area on the south side of the property near Burnell Street and St. Matthews Avenue. With the intent of making the site more inviting, we are developing a master plan for the front entrance of the community centre and investigating in a number of new features and facilities. The community garden in that same location will be retained and possibly reoriented. Construction is expected to start in the fall of 2017.