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ALRP- FOUR letters you need to know.

You may need to check your mailbox instead of your windshield to see if you’ve received a parking ticket.

Over the last year, we’ve expanded our use of automated licence plate recognition (ALPR) technology for parking offences such as double-parking or parking on a boulevard. As of January 1, 2022, we’re using the technology to deliver tickets to those who’ve parked in contravention of winter parking bans.

ALPR uses vehicle-mounted cameras and GPS to record an offence. Instead of manually delivering a ticket, enforcement officers can now drive by an illegally parked vehicle and automatically take a picture. The ticket will then be mailed to the address of the vehicle’s registered owner.

This technology helps to improve safety on City streets. By allowing enforcement officers to record offences from inside their vehicles, ALPR reduces the risk of collisions and potential confrontations. It can also assist with traffic flow, as officers don’t have to park and impede traffic to issue a ticket.

Tickets issued by mail are subject to the same fine amounts as those delivered manually, and they are still eligible for any applicable early-payment discounts. Most tickets are mailed within one to three days after the offence, and are considered delivered seven days after that date.

If you’d like to contest a ticket, you can do so online or by contacting 311. Photo evidence, if available, can also be viewed online.

Published January 14, 2022



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