City crews begin annual grass mowing program to keep Winnipeg clean and green this summer

Approximately 220 mowers used city-wide for grass cutting of 2,489 hectares of green space

Mowers will be out mowing boulevards, athletic fields, parks, and other City-owned green spaces. In total 2,489 hectares are mowed on a rotating basis with mowing cycles ranging from an average of 10 to 14 days, which equates to about eight to twelve mowing cycles during a season. For reference, one hectare is approximately the same size as a CFL football field.

“Green space is such an important part of our city,” said Dave Domke, Manager of Parks and Open Space. “Crews are working hard to make sure boulevards, athletic fields and parks are well maintained and available for all of us to enjoy this summer.”

In addition to spring cleanup activities so far this year, Parks and Open Space crews have been preparing the parks, lining the athletic fields for spring play, and completing garbage pick-up and 311 service requests.

Grass growth in Winnipeg has slowly started this season due to the unusually cool weather conditions. The season continues until mid-October. How quickly the grass continues to grow this year will be determined by the weather we receive, such as the amount of rainfall and heat. If impeded growth continues, staff will be deployed to other activities such as shrub maintenance, athletic field renovation, edging, and fence repair. Once dandelions have emerged in Winnipeg they will be cut down as part of the mowing program. Dandelions typically emerge for three to four weeks before going to seed.

Residents are reminded to use caution and to stay back to stay safe when in the vicinity of mowing crews