Greetings From City Hall

Highlights from January 2019

Councillor Cindy Gilroy Daniel McIntyre Ward

Working Together Works! I wanted to connect with you and share some of the work I have done throughout the month of January 2019. This is my first Greetings From City Hall! *Met with End Homelessness Winnipeg to get updates on some of the work they have been doing and on the cold weather strategy. *Toured Klinic and talked about the services they offer and to talk about the joint work we do with UN Safe Cities.

*Honoured to have met with some great volunteers and saw the action at theLow Income Intermediary Project who help advocate for people in our community.

*It was great to meet with some of the crew from Green Action Center and talk about composting and how we can work together on sustainable issues.

*Spence Neighbourhood Association AGM was well attended and they always do a great job of highlighting all the services they provide.

*Connected with Mareike director of Centennial Neighbourhoods (Central Park, Centennial and West Alexander) to talk about issues in Central park

*Presented at Infrastructure renewal and public works on redoing the Sunday Night Cruise study because I felt it was an incomplete report.  The City will now be doing a new study this summer. 

*Red River Basin Commission to learn more about the Netley-Libau Marsh Restoration Pilot Project, that is looking at restoring the wetlands and helping to protect Lake Winnipeg.

*UN Safe Cities highlighted work that is being done with the vehicle for hire working group and the City of Winnipeg.  The City has denied 16 drivers’ licenses that have criminal convictions or moving violation. We also had 3 times the number of inspections than under the old taxi cab board structure, taking around 5% of vehicles off the road till they comply.

*Attended the By Law Enforcement presentation at the M.E.R.C, for residents, landlords and housing coordinators to learn more about By-law enforcement.

Hope you enjoyed the update

Cindy Gilroy