Greetings From City Hall

March Newsletter Budget 2019 Edition

Councillor Cindy Gilroy Daniel McIntyre Ward

Working Together Works!

The City budget process is different than other level of governments.  The City is legislated to balance its budget.  The Budget Working Group is made up of people from different political points of view and we are challenged with bringing forward one budget.  This makes for a very interesting debate.  The reality is if we all were able to create our own budget that reflected only our own values we would have 16 different budgets.  We all do not agree on all aspects of the budget.  However we still need to come forward with a balanced budget. 

Budget 2019 Highlight’s

*Yeah! Low Income Bus Pass.  I put this motion forward at council and have been pushing for a low income buss pass since I was first elected in 2014.  I am happy to announce that it got approved.  The first year it will be a 30% reduction 2nd year 40% and the third year 50% reduction for the low income pass. 

*Safety has been an ongoing problem on transit and I am happy to see that this budget helps focus on that.  We have $3.15 million to purchase and install bus operator safety shields for entire bus fleet and $65,000 for safety vests. 

*This budget included $22.2 million for the purchase of 34 new buses.  We are also looking at ways to be greener and will be doing a study to support the electrification of our buses.  This budget also recommends $1 Million investment in bus shelters and $500,000 to improve bus stop accessibility.

*The Community Center Renovation Grant program is increasing from $965 thousand to $2 million for 5 years to help our community centers with some much needed upgrades. 

*The indigenous youth strategy will have $1.25 million.

*$150,000 for our commitment to end homelessness.

*We will be adding a Supervisor to Urban Forestry Technical Services to plan and implement the Emerald Ash borer Emergency Response Plan and a Comprehensive Urban Forest Management Plan. 

*Active transportation will see $400,000 put into enhanced snow clearing on active transportation paths and sidewalks starting in the 2019 snow season. 

*The City is maintaining the operating grants to the Winnipeg Arts Council.  Thanks to the people who came out and spoke to arts funding the City will be adding funding back in to the public arts program, the program will have $250,000.  Additionally there will be Public Art funding allocation of $2.5 million on major capital projects such as Waverley underpass and southwest BRT transit way, along with the Inuit Art Center $I million commitment and programs like Art City.