Greetings from City Hall

Highlights from April 2019

Councillor Cindy Gilroy Daniel McIntyre Ward

Working Together Works!

Put forward a motion for the City of Winnipeg to lead the development of a Poverty Reduction Strategy. This motion was unanimously passed at the Executive policy Committee Meeting on April 30, 2019.  

Attended the Winnipeg Police Service Safety forum to hear from residents and stakeholders on issues impacting the community.

Put a motion forward and passed by council to provide funding for the Netley-Libau Marsh Pilot Project to improve the water quality in Lake Winnipeg where native vegetation could grow, helping to improve the ecosystem and health of Lake Winnipeg. 

Pinays Recognition luncheon celebrating woman from the Filipino community.

Met with ACOMI (African Communities of Manitoba Inc.) to discuss the priorities of the community and projects that they are working on. 

Attended the Rainbow Resource Gala.

Audited the ward to take a first hand look at the conditions of our roads and back lanes as well as illegal dumping.

Met with WFPS Chief Lane on issues pertaining to our Fire fighters and Paramedics. Met with End Homelessness Winnipeg on our partnership and updates.

Met with KidThink to learn more about what we can do to helpsupport kids mental health.

Attended State of the City address.

Involved in International Women’s Day celebrations.

Served Easter Breakfast at AGAPE table.

Attended the National Day of Mourning to remember the City of Winnipeg staff that have lost their lives due to work related causes.

Main Street Project Gala.

Spoke at Council about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the City has made changes to its Respectful Workplace Policy.  This will help to ensure that City of Winnipeg employees are supported if they experience harassment on the job.  We are also providing training through Klinic to 311 staff to help make sure they are equipped with the skills necessary to handle the sensitive nature of disclosures related to sexual violence.   UN Safe Cities Initiative created “You Too?” Business card with contact for community supports for those that have experienced Sexual Assaults. 

Presented to the new Human Rights Committee on Winnipeg Safe Cities Initiative and the work we have been doing. Celebrating Earth Day by working towards a paperless office and using active transportation as much as possible. 

Hope you enjoyed the update!

Cindy Gilroy