Greetings from City Hall

May 2019 has been a busy month for me at City Hall. Some of my activities included.

  • Receiving Council approval for funding toward the addition of a van to the fleet at Old Grace Housing Co-op (Peg City Car Co-op location) shared by all of Wolseley.

  • Hosting Greenway School grade 3 students visiting city hall to see us in action.

  • Appearing at the Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works on the need for a pedestrian corridor on St. Mathews Ave and Simcoe Street.

  • Meeting with Parks and Open Spaces to discuss improvements and enhancement to Westminster Tot Lot and Clifton Site field to be done this fall.

  • Attending the Winnipeg Art Gallery Vision Exchange Exhibition.

  • Meeting with Wolseley Residents Association to talk about trees in the community.

  • Touring Mosaic located across from Central Park to promote the great services they provide newcomers and discuss working together to support the community.

  • Attending the Steering committee for the City of Winnipeg Safety Strategic Plan.

  • Attending the West End BIZ Board Meeting to discuss a lighting project for Sargent and Ellice to enhance beautification and safety in the neighbourhood.

  • Attending the WestLand Foundation Breakfast and meeting some of the scholars from our community who have received scholarships for post-secondary education.

  • Meeting with local housing advocates to talk about affordable housing.

  • Participating in a flag raising ceremony for the President from Iceland, Guðni Jóhannesson and his wife Eliza Reid.

  • Attending the Daniel McIntyre Mentors luncheon which encourages the development of student skills as they prepare for the future. During the luncheon was a lively performance by DCMI's Finest Dance Troupe.

  • Meeting with our Active Transportation team, to talk about recent studies and plans.

  • Supporting funding for Envision Fest and promoting the work of local artists. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that helped make it such a successful event.

  • Meeting with Agape Table to discuss issues that impact the community and support some of our most vulnerable people.

  • Providing support for funding the 1919 General Strike committee remembering this important moment in our history.

  • Meeting with Manitoba Building Trades to discuss Community Benefit Agreements that align city procurement with broader social policy objectives and creates benefits for marginalized populations.

  • With all this happening I was able to ride my bike to work several days this month and it was great to see so many people out and about using active transportation.

  • Friendly reminder the commuter challenges starts June 2, 2019 through the Green Action Centre I'd like to share the details in advance for those who would like the opportunity to join.

Commuter Challenge June 2-9. 2019

A week-long challenge that encourages Canadians to choose active and sustainable commutes.

Every year in June, over 20,000 Canadians participate in greener commuting options during this FREE week-long event.

Workplaces and individuals explore green transportation options which benefit people and the planet. Green commutes include cycling, walking, taking the bus, carpooling & telecommuting; pretty much any mode of transportation that isn’t driving alone in your car! You can register individually or with your workplace.

Thank you again for your continued support. 204-986-5951