• Cindy Gilroy

Roads, Buses and Lanes, Oh My, how could I forget about the trees!

Updated: May 22, 2018

Over the last four years people in the community told me they wanted to see an improvement to the way that Winnipeggers move around the City. They want options; some prefer to drive, while others bike, walk or take the bus to work or appointments. As the councillor for Daniel Macintyre I have supported a record amount of road repair funding, over 425 million city wide has been dedicated into road reconstruction and repair major arteries in the community have been fixed as well as a great number of streets and back lanes. After a decade of underfunding we are starting to make progress on fixing the roads.

I support a frequent, reliable and affordable public transit system. I think it’s a key component for liveable cities and an essential part in the fight against climate change. That’s why I fought and convinced my colleagues to maintain services and why I lobbied to get the city to look at how we could implement a low income bus pass. This is now part of their review process and I will be monitoring and pushing for its implementation in the near future. Every year I have been on council the budget has gone up for active transportation. This year we will invest 17.3 million in the budget a 31 percent increase from the previous year. I am committed to making our communities friendlier for cyclists and pedestrians to have complete communities. I continue to lobby for affordable housing and was happy to speak to and support a project where lots were sold at below market value with the hope of building new housing “This type of programs are a great example of what the city can do to break down the barriers of poverty” This projects along with potential funding from the federal government provides greater opportunity to provide Winnipeggers a place to call home.

What would the West End and Wolsely be without the trees? Dutch elm disease continues to be a serious problem. Our approach for 2018 is two pronged with a record investment of 4.6 million for removal of trees so that the disease does not spread to healthy trees. In 2018, the Urban Forest Enhancement Program and Reforestation Improvement program will increase from $2.1 million to $7.1 million. With a further investment of $11.6 million in the operating budget for tree planting and pruning these investments will make a major improvement to improving the health of our urban forest.