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Thank you for your confidence and electing me to represent the Daniel McIntyre ward for a third term. I am proud to have been raised in the West End. I love everything about our great community. My earliest memories involve splashing in the wading pool at Sargent Park on a hot summer day with my sister Pam. We lived across the street from Sargent Park School and I eventually purchased my own house in the area where I continue to live today. During my youth I played ringette at the Orioles Community Club and I also volunteered with Clifton Community Centre for the summer program. My early years were spent at Sargent Park School and Tec Voc High School.  My sister Pam went to Daniel McIntyre High School, so of course this made for a fun rivalry! At Tec Voc, I was valedictorian of my graduating class. I truly loved my time at Tec Voc. It didn’t matter if you planned to go into a trade, to university or straight to work, Tec Voc was a place for everyone. After High School I worked at our family business, Home Securities Insurance Services on Westminster Avenue in Wolseley. Working as an insurance broker in the family business showed me first-hand the hard work and dedication of small business owners in our community. Eventually my love of learning lead me to the U of W.  One of the most important things I learned at university, where I studied Political Science, was that if you want a better future you have to create it yourself. This is an important life lesson I wanted to teach my two daughters.  With daughters in the school system, I felt a strong need to be engaged in not only their education but engaged in the education system for all students in the Winnipeg School Division. This is what motivated me to become a School Trustee. As a Trustee, I worked with community development organizations such as the Spence Neighbourhood Association and the Central Neighbourhoods Development Corporation. I was also on the board of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg. It’s always been important for me to give support to people who need it within our community. I’ve met many great people over the years who are facing issues like poverty or living with a disability. I was on the Social Planning Council to make sure these residents have a voice and are heard. I look forward to working with you to make our vibrant community all that it can be! 

Community Involvement

  • I attended Sargent Park School

  • I attended Tec Voc High School, graduating Valedictorian of my class

  • I played sports and volunteered at Orioles Community Club and Clifton Community Club

  • I worked as a Insurance Broker at our family business, Home Securities Insurance Services on Westminster Avenue in Wolseley.

  • I was elected as a School Board Trustee in the Winnipeg School Division

  • I was a member of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg


  • Co Chair of United Nations Safe Cities.

  • Chairperson of the Winnipeg Committee for Safety.

  • Member of the Standing Policy Committee on Water, Waste and the Environment.

  • Member of the Budget Working Group (2023).

  • Board member of the West End BIZ.

  • member at Large South Valour Residents Association.

  • Member at Large North Valour Residents Association.

  • Member at Large Wolseley Residents Association.

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