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Read Motion seconded by Mayor Gillingham

Moved by (Councillor Gilroy)

Seconded by (His Worship Mayor Gillingham)

WHERSAS government-held social housing stock is decreasing, and vulnerable people without access to social housing are increasingly pushed to live in private market housing without ready or appropriate access to social and mental services support;

AND WHEREAS many private market landlords are not prepared or equipped to address health and safety concerns arising from this trend;

AND WHEREAS the City has been required to respond to many of these challenges on a case-by-case basis through by-law enforcement, Winnipeg Police Service call responses and Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services calls, within jurisdictional limits;

AND WHEREAS these health and safety issues are having a negative impact on the health, safety and overall livability of rental market homes and the surrounding communities;

AND WHEREAS many of these buildings have tenants that rely on EIA.

AND WHEREAS because of the safety concerns within these buildings, some individuals feel more safe on the street or in other unhoused or marginally housed circumstances, resulting in threats to safety or even loss of life;

AND WHEREAS the Province of Manitoba and City of Winnipeg could help to address a range of housing, social and safety issues by addressing this challenge more systematically:


1. That the City of Winnipeg request further dialogue, cooperation and assistance with the Province to address ongoing efforts to reduce and prevent homelessness stemmed from building neglect and safety concerns;

2. That the City of Winnipeg work with the Province and other stakeholders to identify and track private market residential buildings where there is a need for social and/or mental health supports for residents, based on the number of recent interventions by City of Winnipeg departments and/or stakeholders to respond to safety and health concerns;

3. That upon collection and aggregation of data through Recommendation #2, the City Public Service be asked to consider procedures to better manage clean-up of garbage and other debris around these buildings, helping to manage the impacts of mental health and addiction issues that cause hoarding in our public spaces;

4. That the City asks the Province to assist landlords that are receiving government funding primarily through EIA (Employment and Income Assistance) to help arrange support for vulnerable residents, including connection of social and mental health supports directly to market rental apartments where appropriate; and

5. That the City request the Province to consider licensing and standards requirements, similar to daycares and seniors’ complexes, for low barrier buildings that are primarily funded directly through EIA.



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